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Centered around veteran song-writer/producers, Ru and Gary James, AnhaTTan is laser focused on huge hooks and immersive soundscapes. The band seems poised to offer up a fresh crop of songs we can all resonate with and love! Instead of trying to sound original (in a time when sounding original doesn’t sound very original anymore) AnhaTTan is song-smithing straight for the charts.
Finding inspiration in U2 , Maroon5, Led Zeppelin, and Michael Jackson, AnhaTTan sees itself as a SOUND uniting genres- past, present, and future.

  1. Get Away 3:28
  2. IDWTLI 3:22


AnhaTTan cordially invites you to the End Of The World! Well, figuratively speaking anyway. An emotionally charged opening verse quickly explodes into an epic modern-rock chorus inviting us to let go of the world we created in our minds.

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